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Favorite Character: Eeyore (and all the friends of the 100-acre wood!)

Favorite Vacation:  Southern Caribbean cruise on Disney Cruise Line

I started professional travel planning in 2006. I had learned so much planning my own family's trip to Walt Disney World that friends were constantly asking me questions about their upcoming trips. Helping others plan vacations gave our family some extra money for our own vacations and gave me an outlet for my desire to constantly plan a vacation! Now I help others start their own travel planning careers.


We love cruising. I love unplugging from the world and choosing to reconnect with my family. We seem to have fun doing everything from organized activities to just sitting on the deck and watching the sea float by us. I love eating dinner together every night and watching my kids try new foods. Cruising is such an easy way to have new adventures together as a family.


I have so many family memories tied to Disney Destinations. Some of my favorite trips were the ones we took when my children were young. I have no regrets about taking a 10-month old to Disney. He doesn't remember his reactions to the lights and characters, but I do! Seeing my daughter (who was potty training at the time) have an accident because she was so delighted to meet Princess Aurora in person still tickles me. My oldest treasured getting her arm cast signed by characters when we wondered if we should have canceled the trip after her fall. My advice to those of you with young kids is to TAKE THE TRIP. Memories are so much more valuable than anything you can give your children. 

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